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Manhattan Plumbing & Heating

PO Box 387, 106 S. Broadway
Manhattan, MT 59741
Phone: (406) 284-4133 | Fax: (406) 284-4052

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

24/7 Emergency Service Available
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Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority. Our attention to detail, our courteous and knowledgable staff, and our commitment to the highest standard of quality give us our edge.

"Our experience with Manhattan Plumbing and Heating has always been very professional and their work ethic is held to one of the highest standards. Their knowledge and experience in Renewable Energies makes them assets in an ever changing world." Sievert Construction

"In our line of business, it’s critical to provide quality and superior craftsmanship to maintain the highest standards in our industry. From the smallest remodel to multi-million dollar estates, we have been able to depend on your staff to produce above our expectations. It’s a pleasure having your company work alongside our staff to meet the tough demands and tight schedules expected in our industry." Maus Construction

"I know that the difference between good and great occurs at the job site with the men who are actually doing the work and dealing with the specifics of each individual project. The cooperation that I received from the guys at Manhattan Plumbing and Heating made a tough job run much more smoothly and set a good example for everyone else working out there. They did it right and they did it quickly." Swanson Construction

"I would recommend Manhattan Plumbing and Heating for the company’s grass roots involvement in the alternative energy field. They are using cutting edge technology to establish themselves as a leader in the Green Energy field." Harpster Construction

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